Episode #9 – Gin Miller and Twenty (20) Years of Step Aerobics

Wow, can you believe it has been twenty (20) years since we all started teaching step? Twenty years on, not only do we have step, we also have pilates, websites like SouthBeachDiet.com and yoga to keep us in shape. We have come a long way! Anyway, it was really fun to talk with Gin Miller and hear how it all started and how Reebok got involved. Have fun re-living the late 80’s and early 1990’s and hearing how it all evolved. I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment above to tell me about teaching your first step class (mine was scary!)

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4 thoughts on “Episode #9 – Gin Miller and Twenty (20) Years of Step Aerobics

  1. Hi Amy Jo! Just got a chance to listen to this and it’s great! As you can see, I’ve posted a link to it on our blog. Since I’m here, I’ll be the first to reply to your request for a story…

    It was early in 1990 and I had just started working out – I recall that only because my youngest daughter was 6 months old and she just turned 21 this past June. Ursula, the instructor I was taking hi/lo classes from, asked me if I’d be interested in teaching and handed me a brochure for a ‘workshop’ that weekend called Bench Blast by Gin Miller. I said yes and she put me on the schedule for the following week. When I went to sign up for the workshop, I learned it was cancelled – Gin had signed on with Reebok.

    So here I was committed to teach a class that I had never even done before… and I remember looking at the newly painted wooden box and wondering “what the heck can I do for 50 minutes on THIS thing?” The night before my very first experience in teaching, I laid awake…. very, very worried about everything. How I would warm up, how I would cue, what would I actually call things… and moves, what moves? Up, up, down, down… okay I can do that for awhile – and THEN what? I guess I must have done the classic ‘fake it till you make it’ because I remember more about the laying awake all night worrying than the actual class.

    After class, the members were very gracious, but I remember one member suggesting certain things I could have done, even though it wasn’t exactly step stuff. I told her I didn’t want to steal someone else’s moves. It was then that I realized… pretty much everthing in fitness is ‘stolen’ – or at least a variation of another pattern of movement!

    That’s my story – my first class was the first step class taught at that little gym in Acworth GA – and I survived to teach again another day – and getting close to 2 more decades more at that.

    Shortly thereafter, I picked up a class at the City Club in Canton and became friends with Beth, the aerobics director, who helped out at Gin’s office. Gin was traveling a lot at the time and things were really hectic… so I didn’t actually meet Gin until I went to Sara’s City workout in Atlanta the next summer. She offered me a job in her office and I’ve worked for her ever since – quite a ride it’s been!

  2. I will be attending the Idea fit conference and attending Ms. Miller’s class. I look forward to attending. I read in the Idea fit magazine’s, recent issue from a survey, that said Step is on the decline in clubs. I hope that isn’t true. I’m a step instructor and student. I enjoy taking class with my friends..it’s more than just a cardio class. It’s an opportunity to meet your friends and yell and scream during class and enjoy!

    20 more years please!

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