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Do I need liability insurance as a group fitness instructor?

I’m asked frequently if I carry liability insurance as a group fitness instructor. My answer is a resounding YES!

I need to because I teach at a number of private facilities that require I carry a liability policy that covers them (an me) if someone gets injured during one of my classes.

I feel much better having liability insurance as an ACE certified group fitness instructor for the simple reason that it will protect my family’s assets, in the event someone decides that suing me will solve their personal financial problems.

We have one daughter in college who is thinking about law school. So we have been researching if it makes sense for her to spend the thousands $$ and will there be a job available for her when she’s finished. What we have found is that there are way more lawyers in the USA than necessary. That scares me – all those lawyers are looking for work and carrying liability insurance brings me a piece of mind that I’m not going to be the target of some fake slip and fall accident lawsuit.