GFTR #20 – Bowenwork, The Next Generation of Pain Therapy

Sean Wolf

Pain…..okay, I do not like to admit it, but now that I am not 29 anymore, I sometimes have to deal with it.  How about you?  My guest is Sean Wolf and he specializes in a technique called Bowenwork.  A listener contacted me because it worked so well for her and she was very impressed.  Bowenwork is a gentle and subtle technique that releases connective tissue and addresses the entire body, not just the specific area of pain.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.  More information about Sean can be found at and about Bowenwork in general at

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3 thoughts on “GFTR #20 – Bowenwork, The Next Generation of Pain Therapy

  1. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for including this on the website. I’ve been a Bowenwork practictioner for about a year now and am always looking for ways to better how I explain the work.

  2. Thanks for a wonderful interview. Marvellous resource – I refer people to it all the time because it says it all and better than I could.

  3. Carol,

    I am glad it is helpful to you! It is nice to sometimes just hear from the source. Thank you for commenting. Please let me know if there is another subject you would like me to do an interview on. Take care!


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