Episode #4 – Group Exercise with the TRX Suspension Trainer

Fraser Quelch from Fitness Anywhere joins me to discuss incorporating the new TRX Suspension Trainer into your group exercise classes.  In preparation for this interview, I attended a day long training where we were told it was going to hurt to pick up a pencil the next day, so I may have intentionally backed off a bit, as I had a training ride planned for the next morning and a heavy teaching schedule the following week.  Two good friends & instructor colleagues were there with me.  We thought it was one of the best training courses we have taken and we definitely felt the TRX work.  Listen as Fraser and I discuss what I think is one of the most innovative, creative and versatile fitness tools in the industry.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #4 – Group Exercise with the TRX Suspension Trainer

  1. very interested in your product – I wanted to know if I can purchase one for my home and if so where can I hang it up on?

  2. Hi Mollie,

    Yes, you can purchase a TRX Suspension Trainer for your home. Just click on the “Here is a link to learn more” sentence on my website underneath the episode 4 description and just above the “listen to the Podcast below or subscribe for free using itunes”. The link will take you directly to their website. The TRX can be suspended from any horizontal or vertical structure, or you can purchase a door mount that is great for traveling and works well in hotel situations. Lots of people use the door mounts at home. Let me know what you decide. I think you will really like this tool!

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